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Meet our lovely, friendly Shetland Ponies who give rides and love being cuddled. We offer a safe and fun experience for children from 2 years old and up to a maximum height of 5ft (1m.5.2cm) and 8 stone (50.80 kg). Enjoy the beautiful countryside whilst your children make memories that will last for years to come. We like to get children and parents involved in the whole process including grooming and preparing them for the ride to come.
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 These are our Dartmoor Hill Poniess who came off Dartmoor as wild ponies and we have trained them to give rides. They are very loving and gentle. We are hoping to introduce them to the business during holidays and half terms on a Monday 
          L to R Meghan, Butterfly (by permission of grandson Kit, Cracker

Unfortunately there is a strict no dogs policy on our site  or around our ponies, This is due to our licencing & insurance policy's we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 


About Us

Marilyn and Hugh Sidebottom

We started the business in 2011 after purchasing 2 Shetland ponies for our youngest grandchildren, who at the time were 1 and 3 years old. Mum asked us to go to their joint birthday party and give rides and that was the start as it was so successful, we decided to start up to give young children to chance to ride and it has gone from strength to strength, to the successful business we now have:

  • Licensed riding establishment 

  • Pony grooming tacking and riding sessions.  

  • Situated on the edge of the beautiful Dartmoor National Park in the Ashburton / Buckfastleigh / village of Holne area.

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An excellent review we are proud of from Torbay Tourism

Posted on You Tube.

Humaryn Shetland Pony Rides is one of the hidden gems in the world of Devon attractions


After discovering the pony centre on Facebook, we decided to book a ride. A quick phone call to the owner Marilyn and the session was booked. Getting to the site which is situated on the edge of the beautiful Dartmoor National Park in the Ashburton / Buckfastleigh/ Holne area was easy enough, although the postcode isn’t very helpful. Beat to follow their directions on their website (link below) as we did. We were pleased to discover a picturesque setting, where not only did the children get to groom their own pony (we had the lovely Gwen) they were then taken on a guided tour through some surrounding country lanes.


Hosts Marilyn and husband Hugh, are clearly passionate about offering these experiences to families and are an endearing couple, instantly taking on a Nanny and Grandpa like role, to all of the children!  After 30 minutes riding, the children, led by parents/carers brought the ponies back, which is where the session ended, not before receiving a rosette that is! Our little girl said she didn't like the riding part, although after being reminded of the fun she had she in our video she wants to return again!

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Arrivals and cancellations

Please ensure you arrive on time for your booking and at busy traffic times allow extra time to get to us. Starting late means this will have a knock-on effect to the next booking. If you are not familiar with our location, you can find directions here.

If you aren’t coming, please let us know as we have lots of little ones wanting to book. Please ensure that you let us know with 24 hours if possible. We know life is unpredictable and circumstances may mean cancelling on the same day. Please still let us know as soon as it becomes clear you cannot make your booking.

Dogs on site

We are very sorry and as dog lovers we realise that you would like to bring your dog to the sessions and walk with the ponies... but we are unable to allow it. 

Both our insurance and licensing council do not allow dogs to be on site and whilst the rides are taking place.  

Our ponies are very used to our dogs who are always put away when the sessions are on. 

They don’t know your dogs and if they should get spooked by one it could lead to a bad accident and we do not want to lose our licence or insurance and could lead to closure for us.

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Bookings are now taken  online  but any queries please contact Marilyn 07703278927 If you are going to be late  please contact Hugh on 077029 62637.

Open every day except Mondays and  Wednesdays and open at weekends and all year round depending on the weather. We are  open on  wednesdays in the holidays

We now have an online booking system which is quite straightforward to use.  HOWEVER please check you have booked the correct date and double check with your confirmation and reminder emails.   If you arrive on the wrong day  we may already be booked with another group of people and wont be able to accommodate you 

I’d highly recommend this to anyone with children. It was such a fantastic experience, relaxing and so much fun! We will definitely be back soon.

Natalie Booth