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Fundraiser for a new shelter for our shetlands

Hi I am Marilyn and my husband Hugh and I run a non profit making little business Humaryn Shetland Pony Rides on the edge of Dartmoor National Park for the past 14 years, and we have 8 shetland ponies. Over the years it has become really successful but not to give us a large profit and we dont take any money out of it for our personal use, The cost of feed, insurance, licensing, rent, vet bills, farrier , teeth check, vaccines, replacement equipment etc alone have all gone up tremendously during the present economic situation. But we have not put our prices up as we want children to be able to come along and have the lovely experience. We have children from 2 years come in sessions during the day and they groom the ponies (miniature & Standard), tack them up and have a 30 minute ride along the lane. Parents bring their children come to us from all over the Uk and outside of the UK when on holiday and visit when in Devon, as well as lots of local and regular children, even from neighbouring counties. We rent the land and although we do have 2 small stables under our licensing have to be available all year round to put any ponies in who are unwell and have to be isolated. There was a large pole barn in the field that we had use of for the past 13 years but around mid 2023 it started to lean and by September it was leaning badly and we had to stop the ponies going in. The landowner was able to get his insurance to agree the repair and it was scheduled for December 2023, but due to the horrendous wet weather it was delayed and we had hoped to have it completed in January 2024 but during a really bad storm with exceptionally strong winds just after Christmas it blew down completely. Unfortunately the cost for the rebuilding was out of question and the insurance would not cover it. The landowner is not prepared to provide a shelter for us. We cant afford this ourselves and are hoping to raise some funds to put towards a nice shelter for them for next winter and it will also give them shelter during the summer months from any extreme sun . They had to stay out in all weathers since the barn collapse and although they didnt appear to be worried we dont like it. The shelter has to be on skids as that is the rule of the Dartmoor authority.

We dont like to ask this as we always struggle on but we would like to see our ponies comfortable for any future bad weather and at least bring them in fairly dry and less muddy for rides during the winter months

We would be grateful for any donations however small to help us and we thank you so much if you help us we appreciate even the smallest amount 

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